The 1st African Impact Challenge Cohort (Ghana 2020)

This is a question I’ve struggled with for the last 6 months. It’s funny, because we actually started the African Impact Initiative 4 years ago as students, in an effort to challenge this narrative. The organization exists to help young Africans take action in shaping the future we want to see for our continent. So unsurprisingly, I don’t think it’s ever too early to build. But I do think there’s a lot to be said about how hard it is when you’re building something for the first time. This is what makes the question pop up continuously.

Since we started…

This time 2 years ago, I posted a write-up that shared my thoughts on doing more to help others- especially when we find ourselves in privileged circumstances.

This was at a time when my personal goals had just changed, and I related the message to my own context. Shortly after, and driven by that desire, my University of Toronto classmates and I launched the African Impact Initiative . Our mission was very simple; to enable impact in our African communities through the youth. It wasn’t an easy task to execute our initial projects and juggle school work, all along with…

I have wanted to write this for a while, but it’s been such a struggle to make out the time. In my head I know exactly what I’d like to say through this post, but I hope I can accurately get the message through in words

My dream had always been to have a really comfortable life and enough money to pretty much do anything I wanted. But I have come to realize that I’d been getting life all wrong

Now there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a comfortable life, but it’s important to realize that there’s more to…

Efosa Obano

using tech for social impact, startup building & investing.. with dell, uoft & african impact initiative

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